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Journaling for Self Discovery

Ever since I can remember, I've always journaled. Journaling is a way to bring all of the thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings out of the ether of my mind, and into reality. It's an important tool for gaining clarity and perspective. I can document all of my best ideas and its an outlet for creativity.

Seeing Progression or Repeating Patterns in Life

I have so many journals. It's always interesting to go back and see how my perspectives on things have changed. How much I've grown in one part of my life, and where I've seemed to maybe stall in another. It's always interesting to see an issue or a problem that I was dealing with at the time, that seemed to be so important, that in hindsight, was a key experience to get me to where I am now.

Another aspect of journaling is that I can see where I have repeating patterns of behavior that might not be helping me to achieve my goals. Or on a more positive note, I can see and recognize an underlying theme in all of my journaling that helps me to make life decisions. Like becoming a health coach. I could see that I had underlying themes in everything I wrote that related to health, fitness, personal growth and spirituality.

Types of Journaling


My personal journal is what I use to work through issues and emotions. Bringing thoughts and emotions out of the ether and into reality. From there, it can be released. It no longer just lives in your head with repeating, unproductive thought patterns. This is a way to deal with and understand why you think the way you think.

This is also where I express gratitude for everything in my life. Journal entries typically start with gratitude. This is especially important when having a bad day, or trying to work through some sort of life problem or issue. Starting with gratitude, no matter what's going on in life, is a great way to put things in perspective.

Business Journal

I keep my personal journal and my business journals separate. I have a journal filled with business strategies, marketing content, crazy ideas and sensible ones, I write them all down. I always make sure that when I have a thought to write it down. I can always go back to it later, especially for content.

I've been a marketing professional for 20 years. I know how important and sometimes how difficult content creation can be. Is the content that I'm creating aligned with my messaging? Is the content that I'm creating what my audience wants to see? When I go into my business journal, I have tons of content ideas already written out. Some I will use, some I will save for later and see if the idea I was thinking is a good fit for what's going on at that moment.

I'm always amazed at some of the things I have written down. Some of it is really good, and it would have been lost had I not taken the time to write it down.

On a side note, I also have a Notebook app on my phone. I get some of my best ideas when I'm commuting, so I use the talk to text feature to write it down. Again, when I go back to my notes and my journals, I can see underlying patterns and themes throughout. Its super helpful with identifying potential niche markets, brand messaging, my strengths, and my weaknesses. There's so much valuable information there.

Thoughts and Prayers

I've had journals that I use specifically for thoughts and prayers. Sometimes when I wasn't comfortable with praying out loud, I would just write the prayers down. The prayer journal can be thought of as letters to God (or the Universe or Source or whatever word you choose).

Even when dealing with emotional issues, like forgiveness, resentment, anger, the act of writing it down, releases it from the confines of your inner being. Your emotions are not you, you are not your emotions. Writing it down, gives it form and you can see that it is separate from yourself. Burn it, bury it, tear it up and symbolically release it.


I'm about to get a little woo-woo here, but stay with me. When you write something down, it does from the ether of the universe to reality. Rather than being just a jumble of thoughts floating around in your head, or perhaps sometimes unrelenting and unceasing racing thoughts, they are given form and substance in the writing. It's why we are encouraged to write down goals, visions and dreams.

Manifesting starts with first bringing the thought out of the universe into your reality. Giving the desire a form helps to enforce the actions needed in support of the goal/vision. This is why journaling, in whatever form you choose, is so important. The energy is transferred through the physical movement of your hands onto the paper (or screen) and brings it to life.

Gaining Perspective and Clarity

Journaling is a tool for gaining perspective and clarity. Whether using it to better understand yourself, or for business ideas and creativity. Journaling can even track food intake, workouts or anything else that you're working on. From seeing progress, to noticing patterns, or just releasing negative emotions, journaling has been an important part of my life. Just try it, I think you'll see its benefits as well.



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